Jim & Melissa Brady
Crown Quartet
Sat. Aug 14, 2021

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Crown Quartet.jpg

Jim & Melissa Brady - Crown Quartet
Greenwood Mennonite School
Saturday Aug. 14, 2020   7pm
Doors open at 6pm
Tickets on sale Jun 18 - Aug 14

Advance Tickets
Youth (13 - 18) $10 Adult  $25 Member $20
Youth (13 - 18) $10 Adult  $25  Member $20

Legacy Five, as of late today (August 9, 2021) the viral disconnect has caused another DGMA concert disappointment. L5 has had 3 of their members contract the Covid virus. We have accepted their cancellation request and have added them to our growing prayer list. God has miraculously provided some wonderful talent  to fill this concert void.  We are going forward with a new concert listing of Jim & Melissa Brady, Crown Quartet and a local opener Lawrence Tyler.

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