Delmarva Gospel Music Association

Membership will be valid thru 2021 with no renewal

Greater Vision / Dinner Concert

Crossroads Community Church

*  Due to the uncertainty  of Covid Restrictions  we find it necessary  to Cancel

However, it will be rescheduled for a date in the near future *

Jeff & Sherry Easter 

In Concert @ Sam Yoder Farm

  *  June 17, 2021   6pm *

Tickets on sale May 1, 2021

Legacy Five in Concert

Crossroads Community Church

* August 20, 2021   6pm *

Tickets on sale Jun 18

* Advance Ticket Only  *
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Legacy Five 21.jpg

Mark Trammell &  Detty Sisters

In Concert @ Sam Yoder Farm

* September 23 19, 2021   6pm *

Tickets on sale August 1

Tribute Quartet

In Concert @ Yoder Farm

* October 22, 2021 *

Tickets on sale Sept 1, 2021

Brian Free and Assurance

Dinner/Concert @ Georgetown Cheer Center

Thursday December 2, 2021   6pm 

Member (Free) Tickets RSVP

& Purchased Tickets

Available Oct 2, 2021

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The Delmarva Gospel Music Association (DGMA) is a member based Christian organization whose primary focus is to encourage a Christ-centered lifestyle through events featuring professional Southern Gospel and Bluegrass talent. The association is non-denominational and is not affiliated with any formal organization. It is non-profit and seeks to turn its financial gains into benevolent outreach opportunities.

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